Breaking Through TeleHealth in Physical Healthcare: Reimagining Healthcare

By Yianni Serpanos | May 08, 2020

On 5th May, 2020 I hosted a Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream with Kennedy Lay, a Physiotherapist, a Student Mentor and Founder/ Director of the Communication Experience.

Kennedy & I spoke about:

  • Continued Learning & Education Remotely & Online
  • TeleHealth & Tele-Everything
  • Team Workplace Support
  • Community & Connections
  • Client Communications
  • Digital Health Tools

Kennedy explained his observations of communication challenges during his time as a physiotherapy student and what he’s doing about addressing those issues with the Communication Experience.

We also explored why Kennedy has launched an Allied Health & Sports Medicine Virtual Conference called the Break Through 2020 and the importance of helping the profession better understand digital health tools such as TeleHealth.

I really enjoyed exploring some very current issues around Video Consultations versus TeleHealth and what the issues, challenges and risks are by using video tools like Zoom, Skype etc…and of course how to adapt communication for online healthcare.

Our conversation took some interesting turns when we talked about “cultural R&D”…what is that you may ask? I’d encourage you to have a listen below to find out more.

On a more humorous level, we canvassed the household relationship benefits achievable when activating family members to help support patients physically during TeleHealth.

If you’re a student or young practitioner providing physio, podiatry, osteopathy, chiro, exercise physiology, sports medicine etc…and are interested in how to work with remote teams, how to manage your recruitment, your induction and your ongoing learning in key areas such as remote work and TeleHealth you will get a lot out of this discussion.

The Reimagining Healthcare Live Stream

The Breaking Through TeleHealth for Physical Healthcare Live Stream is now available on coreplus’s YouTube, or FaceBook Video.

The next Live Stream will be a discussion with Weh Yeoh, co-Founder of UMBO a 100% online speech/ occupational therapy provider and training organisation among his many accolades and achievements and we’ll be talking TeleHealth Therapy using Empathy & Compassion: Reimagining Healthcare scheduled for Tuesday 12th May, 12:00pm AEST.

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