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Posted by Diana Younan, November 17th, 2020

Gathering information about and from your client before, during and after an appointment is essential in every practice. The experience from a client’s perspective (and your team’s), varies greatly depending on how that information is requested. Is it via pen and paper, emailed with a request to be printed and brought to the appointment or online either before the appointment or on arrival via a mobile device? The WHAT has traditionally stayed the same – you still need the client’s information. The HOW, with the introduction of technology, has created low-effort experiences and a whole lot of YES in convenience.

We are excited to announce our newest add on in partnership with Snapforms – an online forms solution where you can create and receive secure digital forms for client registration, intake, referrals, signed consent, assessments and more.

Technology engages clients wherever they are

Imagine being a client of your practice and being able to provide all the information required of you with the convenience of doing it on your mobile during a Netflix marathon, cooking dinner or a work commute. Now that, is what we call an exceptional experience. You know straight away that the practice values your time, understands convenience and has a modern approach to their methods.

Technology supports people and processes

Providing yourself and your team with up to date technology is good practice, when it’s integrated thoughtfully.

Picture getting your intake form, signed consent and any assessments completed, loaded into your coreplus account and attached as a PDF in a client’s file before they even step into your practice (or their telehealth appointment)…or administering a questionnaire to a client in session on an ipad and knowing there’s no additional admin on your side once it’s completed?

With the Snapforms and coreplus online forms solution, you can seize the extensive library of customisable templates, build your own with easy drag and drop functionality or import your existing forms.


How it works with coreplus

  • Each form you create generates a unique URL
  • You can load this URL into your SMS and email workflows in coreplus or simply access the form as needed on arrival or during an appointment
  • A new client submitting a form will automatically create a new client file with their record details filled
  • An existing client submitting a form will have their details updated
  • Everyone will have a PDF copy loaded into their attachments of the completed form – talk about streamlining admin!
  • This integration also allows Single Sign On (SSO) access from your coreplus account straight into Snapforms, one less password to remember!

Get started with Snapforms

Customers of coreplus receive an EXCLUSIVELY negotiated rate with Snapforms.

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start creating new forms or migrating your existing ones today! If you’re not, sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started with Snapforms in coreplus now.


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