NEW: Telehealth by coreplus

By Diana Younan | Jan 28, 2021

Updated: February 2021

In our response to the pandemic last year, we wanted to be able to offer a free or low-cost telehealth solution to our customers. To achieve this, we pared back premium elements of the Teleconsult integration and released it to our entire network.

Now with the benefit of time and feedback, we have a much clearer view of the different needs within our community. We have incorporated insights and feedback to develop a native and simple telehealth feature within coreplus.

Welcome, Telehealth by coreplus.

Designed to deliver a high quality, APP compliant, secure and simple experience for both the practitioner and client. You can also use it for team meetings.

Click to join
As a practitioner, all you need is access to your calendar to enter into a session. Simply click on the video icon on an appointment and you’re in. Your client’s also join with just one click, via a unique URL they receive in their SMS or email appointment reminder, as you configure

Chat, screen and file sharing
Expand the capabilities of your client’s appointment. With Telehealth by coreplus, you can screen share, start an instant chat and upload any file or attachment.

Chat transcript and attachment archiving
Once your telehealth session is completed, the chat transcript between you and your client will automatically save into your client’s files as a record. You can also save any attachments your client uploads during the session with a click of a button.

Interactive whiteboard
Use the whiteboard tool with your client during a telehealth session featuring a palette for you to set the pen to a colour of your choice, a pen and eraser tool and a quick ‘clear all’ mode to start fresh. Client’s session got disconnected because of the internet? Not a worry! When the client re-joins, you can sync the whiteboard to them to continue on from where you left off. The sync also works if you have multiple clients for a session, for any late joiners.

Keep your branding consistent and upload your practice logo to show on every Telehealth by coreplus session. Switch between a dark and light theme to better control power consumption or to just make your display more visually appealing.

Part of your existing workflows
Telehealth by coreplus allows you to map any appointment type to be telehealth enabled. This allows for flexibility in your appointment names and better online booking clarity for your clients. It also means that you can better report on the types of appointments means that your internal worlflows and integrates with your existing appointment types and workflows.

Get started with Telehealth by coreplus

Telehealth by coreplus has been introduced as a free feature until 31 March 2021, in line with the government extension of Medicare subsidised telehealth for all Australians.

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start using our Telehealth feature now! Or, sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started with Telehealth by coreplus.


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