NEW: Understanding appointment and client trends with the Practice Performance Report

By Christien Sienes | Jun 03, 2021

In today’s information-rich era, data is the fuel of growth. The more practice owners know the numbers they should track and measure, and know the overall performance of their practice, the more prudently they can make better, more informed decisions. As the saying goes by management guru Peter Drucker, “What get’s measured, gets managed”- it’s important to choose the right factors to focus on.

One of the most important metrics you should track in your practice is around your Client and Appointment activity. Specifically, data around new clients and their appointments attendance and cancellation, attendance figures for the whole practice and average retention rates for your practitioners. These figures will give you a better understanding of the areas of your business operations that help optimises your team’s performance and provides insights into your client behaviour.

This report was a customer-generated idea and gained several votes from coreplus community members. It’s been in beta for a little while but we’re delighted to announce another addition to our calendar suite of reports – the Practice Performance Report!

Track New Client activity
This metric will tell you about your practice growth in the form of new clients in your practice. The report outlines data for a set period of time and can be filtered by practitioner and/or practice location. Find out information about:

  • The total count of new clients for your practice
  • The number of new client appointments
  • The number of booked appointments that are billable
  • The number of new new client (first) appointments that were attended
  • The percentage attendance for new client appointments
  • The number of new client (first) appointments that were cancelled

Keep an eye on your Team’s Average Retention Rate
Your team’s average retention rate tells you how well you keep your clients over time. It’s a key indicator of the health of your practice and an important number to keep track of.

This is calculated by taking the value equal to the total number of appointments marked as “Attended” for all time and divide this number by the total number of clients within your coreplus account.

For example, Practitioner A is assigned 100 clients and has a count of 400 appointments that are marked as “Attended”. Therefore, 400 attended appointments divided by 100 assigned clients equals an attendance rate of 4.0, for the period of time you ran the report for. It is common and recommended to track this metric for a rolling period of time, such as the last 3 months, 6 months etc.

Understand your Team’s Performance
It’s a given that a practitioners primary role is to see and treat clients. Understanding their performance statistics will help you better understand how you can hone in on your client’s experience, the outcomes of your clients, and the success of your practice.
Evaluating your client and appointment trends through the Practice Performance Report can give you insights into your overall team’s performance as well as at an individual level. Those of you with multiple practice locations, can compare and contrast your teams with this report.

Set Key Performance Indicators
An evaluation of your team and practice trends through this report provides you with a baseline of where your statistics are at. This is a starting point that allows you to establish targets with individual team members and your practice overall, that work towards your strategies for growth and practice goals.

Get started with the Practice Performance Report

If you are a coreplus customer, you can start generating your Practice Performance report now! Just head over to Calendar Reports and see how your practice is performing. If you’re not yet a coreplus customer or interested in the report, sign up for a free, un-timed coreplus trial to get started today.

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