coreplus – How do we prioritise what to work on next?

By Ida Jeal | Jul 02, 2021

How do we decide and prioritise what to work on next?

That is a great question! This blog will take you through how you can impact the future of the coreplus application.

How we work

Our internal teams are divided into different “crews” and the crews main focus is to improve the customer experience when interacting with the coreplus application.

Each crew works in fortnightly “sprint” cycles. Leading up to each “sprint” we define a set of specific and measurable goals to deliver new features or enhance existing features within the application.

Prioritising – benefitting the many, not just the few

How do we prioritise which items should be worked on next?

The Product Owners (project managers of the “crews”) complete regular market and competitor analysis. This in addition to the Ideas Portal forms the view of our customers world.

The Product Owners will together with the “crew” make assumption about what is going to reach the largest cross section of our customers and deliver the biggest positive impact. They will then consult with customers via surveys and Customer Interviews. This leads to some assumptions being validated, others abandoned. Similarly, this is often a time where we learn a lot about the differences in workflows and processes for different customers i.e. Administrators, Healthcare providers and Business Owners.

The Product Owners will then collate and validate all the feedback. We then break the task up in smaller deliverables fur the crews to work on. And lastly, added as goals in an upcoming “sprint”.

Tasks must also align with the coreplus Vision and Mission:

Our Vision: A world of digital first healthcare service experiences for all people.

Our Mission: To connect, help & grow Allied Healthcare professionals with digital first healthcare service experiences for their clients.

Be part of influencing the coreplus of tomorrow

Our goal is to help you succeed in healthcare using coreplus’s digital health first platform to provide healthcare services to your clients. We want the coreplus Team to be seen as an extension of your internal Team.

Our culture is built on continuous improvement. The benefit of the ideas portal is that it provides the coreplus customer community an easy and effective way to lead what we work on. This allows you to influence and help shape the future of coreplus.

You may have been witness to a period where there was very little activity and engagement from the coreplus internal team on the ideas portal. This is changing! Over the last 18 months a revamped Product Owner Team, together with their crews have been working to restore your confidence in contributing to the Ideas Portal. This renewed effort from the teams have resulted in an increase of ideas, votes and status changes by over 30%.

Below are some of the ideas we have implemented recently which have been led by our customers engaging via the Ideas Portal:

I have an idea!

Great! Reach out to the Support Team with your idea or add your idea directly to our Ideas Portal:

Idea Request | coreplus

Here you can see all the ideas other coreplus users have added and voted for. You can search for key words or select different categories to browse through any current ideas.

There are a couple of options that allow you to sort through ideas as well:

  • Top – posts with the most votes

  • Trending – posts with the the most recent votes or comments

  • New – the most recent ideas added to the portal

You can also add filters:

  • Open – The default status assigned to any new idea. Unfortunately we cannot commit to reply to all ideas. But as the voter count increases we will begin to engage with the voter community via the ideas portal

  • Under Review – We are gaining insights from the customer community assuring that the idea would positively impact a large number of our customers. Product Owners will reach out to voters on an idea to participate in customer interviews.

  • Planned – The work has been defined and the idea is broken up in to smaller deliverable goals and added to an upcoming “sprint”

  • In Progress – The crew begins analytical or technical work on an idea

  • Complete – The crew have delivered on the goals associated with the idea. And we have also worked with the customer interviewees to ensure that the new/ enhanced feature meets their requirements

  • Closed – The idea already exist. It may also not align with the coreplus Vision and Mission

So go ahead, add your idea and be part in improving the coreplus experience for all users.

Share the link to your idea with the rest of your team and ask them to vote for it! The more votes the better!

To sum it all up

Not every idea can be implemented. But our commitment is to review them all and prioritise based on the collective voice of our customers.

We will send out updates each quarter as part of our newsletter. This will allow you to easily review and vote on what matters to you.

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team via live chat or by email.

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