Automate client communication with the

Coreplus Cliniq Apps Add-on

Get more revisits and new clients by automating your re-calls, client retention & client acquisition with Cliniq Apps.

Cliniq Apps automates your client communication (recalls, retention, acquisition, etc.) using your coreplus live data.

You’ll also be able to build very insightful reports to check the health of your business.

Cliniq Apps is three things in one:

  • A reporting dashboard that adds to coreplus’ existing reporting capabilities
  • Completely automated patient communication (retention, recalls, follow-ups)
  • Client satisfaction tracker that includes instant client feedback

It’s a powerful package that compliments coreplus perfectly.


Cliniq Apps Dashboards

With Cliniq Apps Free Dashboard, you can monitor your practice’s performance based on your live coreplus data.

Building your dashboard to check your KPIs, utilisation rates, hours booked, cancellations, no-show rates, etc. has never been easier.

You can also customise your dashboards by selecting the date range, provider, appointment type and location.

Client Communication Automation

Cliniq Apps automates your client communications to make your client recalls, retention and acquisition a piece of cake.

You can now:

  • Improve your treatment outcomes by personalised follow up messages tailored for each client condition
  • Optimise your calendar by creating closer relationship with your clients
  • Manage your cancellations and no-shows automatically
  • Reduce your practitioner workload by automating your client communications

How to activate Cliniq Apps

For steps on how to integrate your coreplus and Cliniq Apps accounts just see this quick help guide.

Special offer for coreplus users

For coreplus users, Cliniq Apps offers $50 SMS and letters credit when activating your account within the first 7 days of integration.

Go to to have a look, chat to their team and get started.