Transition easily & seamlessly with our digital health ready TeleHealth

Designed to deliver high quality, APP compliant, private, secure and simple experiences for both the practitioners and clients.

A Digital Healthcare Experience

Transitioning your clients to a new method of healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated.  Keep your clients connected with their health goals and your service with:

  • Telehealth appointment availability in your Client Portal for Online Bookings
  • An easy ‘click and connect’ via their appointment reminder – no login required or technical hurdles here!
  • A practical virtual waiting room where your client waits for you to initiate their Telehealth session – ensuring you are always camera ready
  • Video, voice and chat functionality allowing you to share files, resources and links without leaving your session
  • Convenient ‘extend’ functionality when you’re wanting to give a little more time to your client


Transforming into an online healthcare practice

Challenge is part of change, disruption doesn’t have to be. Get your practice and team on-board with Telehealth a pleasant and easy experience.

  • Teleconsult is integrated into your clinical workflows in coreplus; initiate your client’s session straight from your coreplus calendar & enable it in your Online Bookings
  • Web and mobile capable, so you can choose which device you deliver your session in anywhere, anytime
  • Support if tech gets in the way – we are here to help if you get stuck!

For the Australian health provider

There are endless options of free video conferencing solutions out there – but that’s where it stops, these are video conferencing – not Telehealth systems. As a proudly Australian healthtech solution we ensure our system and add ons allow you to maintain your obligations:

  • Private and Secure – complies with Australian Data Privacy requirements and digital health standards
  • Unique appointment ID’s for each Telehealth session so no unintended people join, just you and your client
  • Does not require a lot internet bandwidth to provide good quality video streaming and voice quality – ideal in supporting both remote clients and those with no so great internet connectivity

Get started, for free

Our digital e-health and standard practice plans now include the TeleConsult feature at no extra cost.  Start your free trial today!



What is telehealth?

Telehealth is any method by which you provide healthcare remotely e.g. using Video Consultations, Phone Calls, Instant Messaging or by interacting with Digital Health enabled clinical tools such as monitors and sensors.

Why is telehealth important?

Telehealth is important because it increases the ability to provide healthcare services to people anywhere, anytime. As cities and town become larger and more difficult to physically move around in, having healthcare services that can fit into the lives, schedules, goals and aspirations of people will be increasingly valued and will be essential in supporting adherence to healthcare therapies.

Where is telehealth going? How has COVID-19 impacted this?

Telehealth will become an enhancement to modern healthcare delivery on the main. It will augment physical healthcare delivery and support engagement, adherence and co-operation between recipients of healthcare services and their healthcare providers over a timeline toward desired healthcare goals and outcomes.
COVID-19 is not the reason for Telehealth to be implemented, it’s an event that accelerates adoption of Telehealth by people requiring essential healthcare services whilst not being able to physically attend a healthcare location. It is driving mass adoption and cultivating a transformation where both the healthcare providers and their clients are able to navigate through transitioning in part to Telehealth services.

How does telehealth work?

Telehealth works by empowering individuals and their providers toward better health outcomes through the use of clinically safe, secure and seamless telecommunication techniques. Technically, this is when information and communication technologies are used to deliver healthcare services and transmit health information over distances. Typically voice, data, images and information are being transmitted and this is used to support diagnosis, treatment, prevention, education and curative aspects of healthcare services.

What services can be provided via telehealth?

Given an understanding of Telehealth, most services can in some way be provided via Telehealth. E.g. as a replacement to in-person consultation or therapy, or as an augmentation to in-person consultation/ therapy such as checking in with clients, enhancing the therapy with digital/ online activities, surveys, education, modules, exercise prescriptions, etc..

How can coreplus help deliver a telehealth solution to my practice?

coreplus is an online digital healthcare ready practice management software which means that you can access your healthcare business information from anywhere, anytime. It offers all the essential Telehealth supporting features for Australia e.g. Medicare/ DVA claiming, Secure Messaging, APP Compliance, Screen Sharing, Secure Document Sharing, Chat, Video, Voice, Online Bookings and a growing network of Digital Health add-ons supporting PROMs/ PREM’s, Exercise Prescription Videos, Remote Team Communications Tools, Online CPD and many more.
What telehealth features does coreplus offer? Video, Voice, Chat, Secure File Sharing, Screen Sharing, Multiple Participants, APP Compliance

How can coreplus help my practice become telehealth ready fast?

Start a trial and start using it today.

How much does coreplus charge for telehealth integration?

We have Telehealth available as a free feature within our digital health plans starting from our standard plan type at $25/ Month ex-GST or $45/ Month for our eHealth plan type.

Does coreplus offer a free trial or provide a guarantee for telehealth integration?

Yes the free trial in untimed and only limited by a number of clients entered into the system and claiming/ SMS transactions associated with those clients.